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Q: CAN'T I JUST FILE A CLAIM MYSELF? WHAT CAN A PUBLIC ADJUSTER DO? Short Answer: We represent YOUR interests, while an Insurance company represents only their own interest. Long Answer: Reading your insurance policy can be overwhelming, and the process of submitting a claim involves a multitude of tasks such as estimating building costs, creating content spreadsheets, and providing loss-of-use receipts. Meanwhile, your insurance company is making decisions about how much money to allocate to your claim. Attempting to handle a claim on your own requires a significant amount of expertise and time, which may not be feasible. You would essentially need to become a professional claims adjuster, with knowledge of pricing for various items and top-notch organizational and negotiating skills. At our company, we handle these issues and details for you so that you can focus on rebuilding your home or running your business. While it is possible to handle a claim independently, it often becomes a full-time job that can last for months or even years. Having a Public Adjuster on your side can make a significant difference, as we help level the playing field and advocate for your interests in negotiations with your insurance company.

Q: WHAT ARE YOUR FEES? A: You won't have to pay anything upfront! We are compensated with a small percentage of the final settlement amount once it's been reached. It's worth noting that, typically, we can assist you in fully utilizing your policy's benefits, which often leads to a greater settlement that more than covers our fee. Additionally, if we're not able to obtain a settlement for you, you won't owe us any fees whatsoever!

Q: HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO SETTLE MY CLAIM? A: Our objective is to speed up your claim process and restore your property to its pre-loss state as soon as possible. As trained and experienced professionals, the team at Provident Public Adjusters can compile your claim far more efficiently than someone who has not experienced a catastrophic loss before. In most cases, any delays in settling your claim are due to insurance companies dragging their feet when it comes to claim payments. However, we have extensive experience in handling such delay tactics and know how to navigate them effectively.

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